A Date with Downing Street

Fusion Director Mike Fairey joins industry leaders at Downing Street.

Fusion Director Mike Fairey was invited to discuss the UK housing shortage at Downing Street.

As a leading light gauge steel frame manufacturer and champion of offsite construction methods, Fusion Building Systems was invited to 10 Downing Street to attend a roundtable discussion on the UK housing shortage.

Director Mike Fairey represented Fusion alongside well known housebuilders, developers, architects and investors to share knowledge, ideas and best practice examples on what the real issues affecting the growth of the UK housing market are and what the best courses of action might be to address them.

The Government has stated that one million new homes are needed in England by 2020 and amongst the many hurdles to be overcome in reaching this goal, are the speed and cost of construction.

Fairey said: “It was an honour to be invited to Downing Street along with other industry leaders and to be able to promote the use of offsite manufacture as one of the ways to narrow the gap in the housing volumes.

“Building shells of homes offsite as part of an integrated supply chain could be a key part of a strategic solution, but is yet to be adopted on a large scale. Fusion’s roots are in the volume housing market, with the business initially created to help satisfy the demands of the Celtic Tiger.  As such I hope that our experience and proven ability will help provide one potential solution for the UK.”

Fusion Building Systems works with some of the UK’s largest developers on both commercial and residential projects. Adopting an integrated approach where offsite manufacturing is incorporated into the supply chain from the start, Fusion’s partnerships deliver a seamless programme which produces high quality, precision-engineered structures for numerous market sectors.

For further information visit www.gov.uk/government/topics/housing