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Fusion is a building Superstructure solution based on primarily (but not exclusively) Light Gauge Steel (LGS). Fusion delivers a means of creating high performance, sustainable buildings, at affordable costs. The unique feature of the system is Fusion’s patented pre-insulated external wall system (ThermaShieldTM 162), which integrates structure, insulation and cladding support in a single factory process. Fusion’s extensive experience of some 5,300 structures has enabled the business to evolve to incorporate varied superstructure solutions for walls, floors, stairs and roofs. Importantly, in addition, Fusion has developed the know-how, based on extensive testing and experience, to deliver robust solutions in LGS covering thermal, fire and acoustic performance.


Fusion as a Catalyst

Fusion is optimised when part of an integrated supply chain and acts as the catalyst, creating a step change  in the way buildings are delivered.  Fusion provides higher performance buildings, at lower cost, in less time and with reduced risk.

Fusion History

Fusion was first conceived in 2000 by an Irish Construction Entrepreneur, as a means of delivering higher quality houses, with less reliance on labour and risks of weather.

This proved very successful during the Celtic Tiger boom.  Fusion was the strategic catalyst that enabled the developer to grow rapidly into a multi-faceted developer/constructor with numerous trading entities achieving the status during the early 2000s of one of the largest developers in Ireland.  During this time, Fusion learned how to deliver housing in high volume and developed the technical know-how in fire and acoustics via extensive testing.

Fusion turned its focus from Ireland to the UK and again achieved substantial growth.  By 2009 the UK business had 14 concurrent projects running with one UK main contractor alone, with a total project value of over £200m – as in Ireland the system was once again delivering real strategic advantage.

The roar of the celtic tiger quietened in 2010 and Fusion was acquired by Salvesen Insulated Frames and relocated entirely to the Midlands UK. Fusion is now enjoying consistent growth reflective of the substantial investment being made into the continual development of the business, people, products and services.


Fusion Re-born

The assets of Fusion were acquired by Salvesen Insulated Frames Ltd in 2010 and the business is now firmly back on the path to growth. The business is engaging with companies who clearly recognise the potential Fusion possesses to create new and better ways of building. In the 4 years since Fusion has been re-established in the UK it has experienced huge success with revenues doubling year on year to an estimated £12M for 2013.

One of the key successes has been the number of strategic partnership initiatives Fusion is involved with:

  • Sunesis Schools – a standardised approach to delivering schools at up to 30% less cost and in significantly less time than standard procurement/build methods. www.sunesisbuild.co.uk
  • Sunesis Extracare – a similar concept aimed at the Extracare sector.
  • Rational House TM – a standardised approach to delivering high-quality homes to the middle market in London, in particular. www.rationalhouse.com
  • Two further initiatives are now under way with Main Contractors in the Care and Extracare sectors – where main contractors/ clients are seeking to build their offer around the Fusion system.
  • A residential concept has been completed and will shortly be launched for affordable housing.
  • Internationally, Fusion is becoming increasingly active, with specific projects and potential partnerships being discussed in many areas including; USA, Brazil, West Africa, Far East and India.

Despite the tough economic conditions – and perhaps because of them, forward-looking contractors and clients are turning to Fusion to find an edge. The addition of the BOPAS (Build Offsite Property Assurance Scheme) accreditation to Fusion’s already impressive existing accreditation and knowledge base legacy, bodes extremely well for continued expansion.


A residential concept has ALSO been completed and will shortly be launched for affordable housing.


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Chorley Street
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