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Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 12.35.49Recycling

Fusion achieves 100% recycling of waste products as below

Energy Efficiency in use

  • Up to 80% less

Material Efficiency

  • Walls (by volume) are 1% LGS
  • EPS insulation is 98% air

Structural Efficiency (1 house)

  • LGS = 2 Tonnes
  • Trad. = 50 Tonnes
  • Timber – 40 Mature trees


  • 0% or very low
  • 25% in trad construction

Transport Efficiency

  • Up to 6 x more structure per load


  • LGS and EPS 100%



  • Mixed metals
  • Wood, OSB and sawdust etc
  • Plaster and cement boards
  • Paint cans


  • Ink and oil waste, and cleaning fluids
  • Obsolete or redundant power tools and other electrics
  • Light bulbs and fluorescent tubes

Fusion Factory, Northampton

Goods In

  • Packaging – cardboard, plastics etc
  • Timber and pallets

General Waste

  • Paper and card
  • Computer consumables
  • Cans, bottles etc
  • General waste

General waste and other products are made into briquettes by our waste management company which ultimately fuel generators.

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