Fusion joins Light Steel Frame Association

LSFA maufacturing member logo

Fusion Building Systems, an established offsite light gauge steel manufacturer, has joined the newly-formed Light Steel Frame Association (LSFA).

As a member, Fusion is showing its support for the light steel frame industry and associated supply chain partners, as the opportunity and preference for this choice of material in construction projects continues to grow.

Already an active and influential member of other credible industry bodies, Fusion is keen to provide the LSFA with the benefit of its experience working with light gauge steel. And, along with other members, Fusion hopes to gain from the LSFA’s access to industry contacts, technical insights and market knowledge, as collectively it works towards raising awareness of the performance and productivity benefits of using steel frames in construction.

Mike Fairey, Fusion Building Systems, Director, said: “There has been a need for an industry body to represent light gauge steel for some time, and I’m pleased to say that since the LSFA was founded earlier this year, it has gained significant traction.

“As a light gauge steel business with over 20 years’ experience, we’re a seasoned player in this multi-sector industry.  We’ve built more than 9,000 student beds, 4,000 apartments, 3,500 houses, 2,000 care home beds and 25 schools –  but we also embrace the need to drive change. We understand the LSFA intends to broaden its membership beyond light gauge steel suppliers like ourselves, to include other supply chain partners such as the architects, engineers and specifiers. Widening the membership catchment in this way to those who play such an important role in the application of steel, will help us make the offsite opportunity for steel a reality – and move the construction industry forward.”

The Light Steel Frame Association is managed by a board of directors and partnered with industry leaders, including the Steel Construction Institute and the Modular and Portable Building Association. Its partnerships are in place to provide advice and guidance to members, supporting everyone who plays a role in steel production.

Fusion is an LSFA Steering Group Member and its role within the Organisation will also include its attendance at events, including the Offsite Expo in September, where Fusion’s Head of Business Development, Robert Clark, will be speaking.