Fusion provides offsite insight to PRS

On Tuesday 13th March, architects, contractors and developers with an interest in the use of offsite construction methods for Private Rental Sector (PRS) projects, attended an open day at light gauge steel specialist Fusion Building Systems.

The event was organised through Explore Offsite as part of their Inside Offsite Tour calendar. Around 60 delegates joined two sessions held over the course of the day to find out more about Fusion’s process and experience in designing, engineering, manufacturing and building bespoke light gauge steel superstructures for PRS projects.

Invited delegates attended a series of presentations by Fusion, their digitisation team, software and design specialists StrucSoft and Dalux, and one of Fusion’s clients, Brindley Construction. They were then taken on a tour of Fusion’s manufacturing facility to see for themselves how a roll of light gauge steel is transformed into a bespoke, fully insulated panel, ready for installation on site.

Mike Fairey, Fusion Director, said: “PRS is a rapidly growing category in the housing industry and we held this open day to talk about opportunities in this sector. We wanted to engage those who are influential at the start of the supply chain, helping them to understand more about the efficiencies and innovations which can be enjoyed through using Fusion’s offsite solutions.”

After the presentations and tour, a panel Q&A session was held with Robert Clark, Fusion Head of Business Development, Peter Rigby from Cellecta and Phil Farnworth from Brindley Construction taking questions from delegates. These included: How do you coordinate with groundworks? Can your system work when heavy items such as plant rooms will be located on the roof? What’s the tallest height you’ve built to so far?

DSC07361 copyRobert Clark said: “The questions put to the panel demonstrated the thirst for knowledge in the room and the genuine interest delegates had for assessing the feasibility of using a system such as ours in their future projects. And our answers to each of the questions above were: Through early and clear communication with our client with regards to tolerances to optimise our structure, together with the provision of indicative line and point loads, and the resource of our dedicated team of in house engineers. For the second question, we would look at the structure of the building to optimise the use of hot rolled steel throughout. And with regards to height, in 2015 we went up to 11 storeys for a project in London – totalling almost 33m high.”

Positive feedback about the day has already been received by Fusion and the Company looks forward to developing opportunities with the new contacts made.