Fusion to rewrite a fairytale at Ecobuild 2017

On Thursday 9th March, Robert Clark, head of business development at Fusion Building Systems, will speak at the Explore Offsite Hub at Ecobuild 2017 about rewriting the classic fairy tale ‘The Three Little Pigs’, to include a fourth little pig’s home which is made out of steel.

Robert Clark will speak at the Explore Offsite Hub at Ecobuild 2017

Robert Clark will speak at the Explore Offsite Hub at Ecobuild 2017

Presenting alongside industry peers in one of Explore Offsite’s dedicated ‘Masterclass’ sessions on light gauge steel, Robert Clark will talk about Fusion’s 4LP (fourth little pig) Homes concept and how it has the potential to see an entire house built to completion, ultimately within just seven days.

Robert will explain the rationale behind 4LP Homes, depicting the natural progression from a traditional masonry-led construction method, to one which more accurately reflects the challenges faced by the housebuilding industry today: New homes which are strong, warm and built in a factory.

Robert said: “The housebuilding industry can’t continue to build 90% of its stock using traditional methods. There’s a skills shortage and there’s a housing shortage. We all know something needs to change and as my presentation at Ecobuild will explain, it’s time to move on from what everyone’s always known and feels comfortable with.”

Light gauge steel frame is one of the fastest growing offsite construction solutions. As a company which has operated in this field for almost two decades, Fusion is now working with the UK’s largest volume housebuilders as they look to combine offsite processes into their supply chains, building homes more quickly and safely.

Robert continued: “We’ve recently completed a trial project with Barratt Developments. By integrating our supply chain processes – from factory tours and site visits, to design adaptations and superstructure manufacture, we successfully built nine houses in just nine days at one of their developments in the south of England. This trial demonstrated what’s possible – and how our 4LP Homes concept can work in practice.”

The UK offsite construction market is expanding at more than 35% per year, and for some sectors offsite technology has become commonplace. However, with an estimated share of just 10% of the construction market, the opportunity for offsite remains phenomenal. The Explore Offsite Hub at Ecobuild 2017 will showcase a ground-breaking exhibition of offsite construction solutions, the largest of its kind ever seen in the UK.

The Offsite Technology Masterclasses will host 48 speakers over 18 hours of presentations, across 14 sessions. To find out more and book free tickets visit www.ecobuild.co.uk/exploreoffsite