Fusion to speak on Golden Thread Thinking at Spotlight on Offsite

On Tuesday 4th December Robert Clark, Head of Business Development at Fusion Building Systems, will speak at the Spotlight on Offsite conference at the NCC, Birmingham about the ‘Golden Thread’ which will change the way the offsite and wider construction industry operates.

Robert Clark Spotlight on OffsitePresenting to an audience of industry professionals, Robert will discuss a concept which neatly explains how the construction sector needs to move from taking an inefficient project-led approach, to one which is driven by the product – and the technology which is needed to make that happen.

As an experienced light gauge steel specialist, Robert will provide his insight into how a product-led process relies on BIM and related emerging digital technologies, to create a ‘Golden Thread’ running through every element of the supply chain path if the industry is to match the commercial growth being seen in other sectors.

Robert will explain how Fusion is already investing in technology to move its own business away from individual silo projects with unique requirements and potentially higher costs, to adopting a product-led approach, where specific designs are matched and tailored to clients, ultimately offering superior levels of quality and scope for innovation.

Robert said: “The manufacturing industry focusses on the product – and it works. In fact, the Government has allocated a significant budget for its Transforming Communities programme and one of its objectives focusses on making greater use of digital, manufacturing and integrated energy technologies in the delivery of new buildings. This is the ‘Golden Thread’ which will modernise the way we work. There’s nothing new about the concept, but the construction industry needs to open its eyes and realise a change is needed. Offsite has a huge role to play in this transition and in less than five years from now, I believe we’ll see that happen.”

Fusion was invited to speak at the Spotlight on Offsite conference as a respected member of the offsite community and a company which is striving for change. The combined Spotlight on Offsite conference and exhibition will showcase ground-breaking offsite construction solutions and focus on the latest developments, innovations and investments in the offsite sector across a range of vertical markets including; residential, education, healthcare and infrastructure.

Tickets for the conference and exhibition cost £125 however, a 20% discount is available by using code SP20. Visit: www.spotlightonoffsite.co.uk/book