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As Fusion continues to grow in the UK, we are also experiencing an increasing demand for our building solutions technology internationally. Our unique pre-insulated panelised process and off-site construction are major factors in delivering reduced risks in the supply chain, leading to reduction in reliance upon large numbers of site work force and the speed of construction required to deliver projects of scale on time.

The Fusion Building System delivers a unique opportunity to introduce a step change in build quality, in any country requiring high volumes of infrastructure.  With Fusion, high levels of quality are built-in via a pre-engineered, manufactured system – backed up by the globally respected BRE.

Fusion has developed a number of strategies and/or services to cater for the uniqueness of individual countries’ construction cultures and their adaptability to new technologies and modern methods of construction. Often improving the existing levels of environmental and sustainable construction in the process.

Light Gauge Steel

Light Gauge Steel (LGS) is a significant technology for delivering structural solutions for buildings in many of the rapidly growing economies of the world.  LGS has the potential to offer a supremely efficient structural solution for a wide range of building typesThe same universal structural chassis creates super-efficient structures for:

  • All types of housing – ranging from very simple low-cost dwellings for the poorest in a society; to $million mansions for the wealthy – all with the same high-quality basic structure.
  • Middle Classes – large scale, high-quality housing and apartments for the ever more sophisticated demands of the growing middle classes.
  • Education – Fusion can be used to create the infrastructure to educate societies, from cost-effective schools, to large scale student accommodation.
  • Health – Fusion can be used in the health and care sectors for the sick and care for ageing populations.
  • Hotels – hotels for business and leisure.

The Fusion Difference

All of the above describe the potential for LGS.  What Fusion offers is a means of unlocking the potential of LGS, because Fusion already has a proven track record of delivering all of the above in the UK market. Fusion is simply a ‘has done’ company, not a ‘could do’.  In addition, Fusion’s relationship with the BRE provides further assurance that high quality standards will be built-in, monitored and maintained.

Fusion – End to End Service

To date, most players in the world of LGS are driven by finding a market for the sale of steel; or the means of rolling it.  Fusion, however, is driven by the opportunity that the efficiencies of LGS creates for the building of numerous structures. What differentiates Fusion is the proven ability to provide a true end-to-end service, backed up by our vast know-how.

Fusion provides;

  • Design – the structure in accordance with local building regulations and/or UK standards as a minimum, including integration of HRS. Plus direction on fire, acoustics, and thermal performance.
  • Manufacture – Fusion already delivers high volumes of complex structures to multiple concurrent projects. Factory set ups are exponential based on potential market sizes and ‘in country’ strategies.
  • Innovation – Fusion is continually innovating product and process to offer more complete building solutions.
  • Erection – Fusion supervises all projects on site, to ensure what is designed and manufactured, is built to UK standards.

Economics – an investment in Fusion LGS solutions offers high volume infrastructure capability at low capital cost – even moderate investment can create a facility that can deliver 500,000m² p.a. of residential floor area.

Less Capital Intensive – Fusion LGS structures are significantly less capital intensive than conventional means of producing building materials, such as cement and aggregates.

Established Supply Chains – Fusion LGS has instant access to already established, global supply chains for steel coil, boarding and insulation materials.  BRE can provide further quality assurance via their established certification procedures.

Transport Efficiency – up to 5x more structure per delivery compared to heavy building materials – a huge practical benefit in heavily congested cities or areas of poor infrastructure.

Energy Efficiency – it is easy to design Fusion LGS structures to retain heat, or keep cool.  Resulting in lower heating and cooling bills, plus more comfortable buildings.

Safer – due to the volume of manufacture undertaken off site in a controlled environment, on-site health & safety is dramatically improved with significantly fewer people likely to be injured.

Local Employment – Fusion lends itself to local factories and a legacy of training and skills based education and employment.

Stronger – the high strength to weight ratio of Fusion LGS is ideal for assisting to withstanding the most extreme forces of nature, including hurricanes & earthquakes therefore making Fusion a truly global construction solution.

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