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Catalyst for Step Change

While the Fusion superstructure typically only accounts for 10% of the overall build cost, the decision to use Fusion can impact on all of the remaining 90% of costs. Fusion is, therefore, able to act as a catalyst to create step change in build programme and costs. To this end, Fusion has already been incorporated into 2 programmes to develop branded ‘care concepts’, designed to offer high-quality accommodation, at an affordable cost, made possible by standardised approaches to design and procurement.

Shrinkage/Differential Movement

Fusion’s engineered light gauge steel solution does not suffer from shrinkage or unpredictable differential movement, which affects other forms of construction. This reduces remedial costs and, perhaps more importantly, reduces damage to reputation and increases the prospect of repeat business.

Duval Care Home

Duval Care Home

Hot Rolled Steel (HRS)

(HRS) is designed and supplied as part of the Fusion package to cater for large open areas, typical of most Care facilities. Cantilevered balconies can also be accommodated.

Programme Speed and Certainty

Fusion has the capacity to deliver a build speed of up to 750m2/week, offering the potential for substantial programme savings. However, in addition to speed, Fusion offers a greater degree of programme certainty – particularly important where residents are being decanted from existing accommodation.

Build Cost

The typical cost of Fusion’s superstructure, including pre-insulated external walls is £5,250/bed.

Envelope Energy Efficiency

Fusion’s patented pre-insulated external wall system is an excellent basis for creating highly thermally efficient building envelopes. This not only reduces running costs in use via lower heating bills, but it can also be used to reduce the capital cost of M&E – which is typically twice the cost of the Fusion superstructure.

Brentford Care Home

Brentford Care Home


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