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Unique Hybrid Construction

Fusion uses a combination of LGS and HRS to create structures with less material. For example, a Fusion classroom dividing wall uses 250kg of light gauge steel to form the structure compared to 1250kg of hot rolled steel. Not only is the structure formed with 5x less steel, the structure also does the job of providing support for the wall finishes.

Lower Capital Costs (up to 30% less)

Schools built with Fusion have achieved capital cost reductions of up to 25%, where Fusion’s unique hybrid construction is used as part of a standardised approach to Design and Procurement.

Reduced Programmes

Fusion has worked on schools of up 4,000m2 gross floor area, that have been completed in as little as 26 weeks and reductions in programme of 25% are achievable.

Catalyst for Step Change

Fusion is being used as a catalyst to deliver schools as part of a standardised approach to design and procurement which delivers a branded product, with both capital cost and build time reduced by up to 25%.

Flexible Outcomes

While design and procurement processes are standardised, the various components of the Fusion system can be combined in a multitude of ways to offer a wide range of flexible layouts to suit the varying needs of Clients and Site constraints.

Thermal Mass

Fusion’s unique hybrid construction approach allows the use of composite concrete/metal deck to provide Thermal Mass.  This avoids overheating during class time and allows the building to cool down overnight – when unoccupied.

“The use of Fusion as part of the Sunesis brand has enabled Willmott  Dixon to streamline their design, procurement and delivery processes to deliver a high- performance product that meets educational needs with a building that is architecturally pleasing – but saving 25% in time and cost. What is more, being a ‘product’ rather than a one-off project, Sunesis will benefit from continual development and improvement. Fusion is a key part of enabling Sunesis to meet the UK’s increasing demand for high-performance school buildings, which will be built faster and at a lower cost.”


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