The finished product remains the singularly most important thing we do. Regardless of excellence in design, manufacture and assembly, quite simply, if a structure is erected badly then all manner of problems appear.

This is why Fusion retains in-house control of our structures throughout the project and takes responsibility for the end to end process.

Estimating, Pre-Construction, Design and Engineering, Manufacture and Build.


Care is taken before any products leave the Fusion factory.  To us, transportation is the start of the Fusion build process.

All vehicles are loaded in sequence to mirror the build programme and all packs are marked individually showing their weights to facilitate the onsite lifting process.

Packs are also pre-slung before leaving the factory, increasing efficiency when lifting on site and eliminating the need for operatives to climb onto trucks to unload product.

This care expedites the installation onsite and minimises the length of time large lorries or lifting equipment need to be used for – vital if there is restricted space onsite.


Fusion works with clients to establish the relevant crane and lifting plan on a project specific basis. The lightweight nature of the Fusion solution is clearly reflected in the small size of crane needed to lift our products. This is not only ideal on cost basis, but also very beneficial in projects where space is at a premium. Fusion has its own in-house Appointed Person/s and Lifting Supervisors. We are always happy to plan for the taking on of the ‘lifting in’ of ancillary items such as stairs, pods, etc.


We are very proud of our erecting teams, all of whom have had many years’ experience working on Fusion projects. Each team contains a supervisor, and where necessary, a ‘slinger banksman’ and/or lifting supervisor.

We continue to invest in bespoke training for our teams, focused on the erection of the Fusion system including; Health & Safety, the correct methodology, fixings and numerous processes needed to complete a successful build complying with our structural regulations.

Sign Off

As part of our SCI structural accreditation Fusion will provide ‘sign off’ on our structures by a chartered structural engineer. As-built drawings and engineering calculations are also provided post-erection.

Sign off procedure 

Clients can rest assured that we follow a sign off procedure on all projects as part of our ongoing collaborative process, which involves:

  • Our site managers will firstly snag buildings with our erector team, raising any items that require attention to our Dalux portal which can be accessed at any time online or offline by our workforce on site or by our office team back at HQ
  • Once our erectors have closed out all snags then the site manager will perform a final check before completing a multi-storey audit
  • All audits are completed on a floor by floor basis to create an overall building sign off leading to our practical completion
  • The site manager will complete the audit handing it over to the clients site manager who will perform their own checks and sign off on our audit.

Throughout this process there may be non-conformities that are picked up by our quality control team, the site managers or our design and engineering department. We keep a record of these against the job and ensure that they are signed off and corrected during the job.

If you believe LGSF is the solution for your next project please contact us and we can start the first process of our collaboration.