Manufacturing is at the heart of what we do. Turning coils of steel into buildings!

It sounds simple, but for our manufacturing to be effective, we need to have started on the collaborative process to ensure by the time we start to make the steel frame systems, we have clear specification approved by the client.

Our equipment and skilled staff enable us to manufacture precision made panels which are simply fixed into place when on-site. The light gauge steel panels manufactured at our plant provide a high level of quality and ease of installation which cannot easily be replicated by traditional methods of construction.

Recognised by the industry

Our ability to provide high quality, innovative solutions on build projects using LGSF has been recognised by the industry on numerous occasions and with over 20 years of delivering projects our case studies and client portfolio speaks for itself.

Factory Location

Fusion operates from an 80,000 sq ft factory in Northampton, in the East Midlands of the UK. The factory is within 2 hours drive of well over 50% of the UK’s population and as such we are strategically positioned to deliver our LGSF panels to anywhere in the country. We welcome visitors to our factory to demonstrate our capability, share our knowledge or answer any questions you may have related to LGSF.


Fusion rolls all its wall stud and floor joist components from LGS coils using CAD/CAM technology. All components are uniquely numbered and notched, punched and cut to an accuracy of of +/- 0.5mm.

The plant has a capacity of 3,000m2 per week on a single shift (Based on an area of external wall panels)

Light Gauge Steel Frame products

Having been working in the LGSF arena for over 20 years, we have developed our offsite system, FusionX to meet the modern demands of the industry:

FusionX is a system made up of a combination of fire-tested component parts to create a fully non-combustible wall, FusionX has been approved by the NHBC and is registered under NHBC Accepts. FusionX was developed in response to changes in Building Regulations and can be used for buildings of any height, including those which are over 18m (approximately 6 storeys).

Ancillary and optional products

Our offsite solutions include a range of additional products to compliment the project on behalf of our clients. This includes: a choice of cassette or concrete floors, and truss or cassette roof options.

Adding Value With Off-Site Construction

Fusion’s business model is based on adding value via Design and Manufacturing. The benefits of off-site construction are numerous but in the context of construction, Design For Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) is best described as ‘adding value by improving quality through the application of efficiency’.

Seeking to find the most efficient way of delivering a project inevitably reduces the resources required (whether this is measured in cost, time, carbon, waste or labour) while increasing positive aspects such as health & safety, quality and certainty.

The common form of DFMA is the application of factory conditions to construction projects. This is critical for many reasons including;

  • Health & Safety – factory conditions are 80% safer than site conditions
  • Cost – site labour is circa 2.2 times more expensive than factory based labour
  • Productivity – factory productivity reaches in excess of 80% compared with 40% for a typical site
  • Sustainability – waste is reduced to 2% – 3 % in the Fusion factory

By effective planning and communication through our 5 point collaborative process, the project will see a reduction in waste and any hold ups in production. Our  team will work with clients to ensure everything is clarified and agreed prior to manufacture before we move onto the build stage.

If you believe LGSF manufactured products could help you on your next build or would like a factory tour then please contact us.