Critical to the success of any project is the pre-construction phase and at Fusion, we take this process seriously. Our team will collaborate with clients to ensure all aspects of their projects are considered prior to implementation.

Detailed drawings are developed, budgets, timescales, schedules and manpower are all considered to ensure the project will be delivered on time and to the relevant specification. Spending time with clients at this stage clarifies ‘who is doing what’ and ensures everyone is aware of their responsibilities.

The pre construction phase is a fundamental part of collaborating with clients and involves:

  • Clarifying the scope of the project
  • Confirming the budget and the products to be manufactured by Fusion
  • Agreeing the project details
  • Introducing project team and channels of communication
  • Clarifying additional optional products and services required to ensure successful project delivery

By effective planning and communication through the pre-construction process, the project will see a reduction in waste and any hold ups in production. Our pre-construction team will work with clients to ensure everything is clarified and agreed before we move onto the design and engineering stage.