Light gauge steel frame systems have a number of benefits for the construction industry

15 reasons as to why to choose LGSF for your next project:

  1. Quality – Assured, products are measured and checked in the factory
  2. Accurate – Precision during manufacture and installation
  3. Fast – Speed of construction – from design commencement, build in factory to erection on site
  4. Durable – Superior construction and a dimensionally stable material
  5. Strong – Better strength to weight ratio than concrete
  6. Productive – Increased productivity on site
  7. Cost effective – Reduced costs, no welding required, minimal waste, reduction in skilled tradesmen on site
  8. Easy – Installation on site
  9. Flexible – Various layout options available
  10. Proven – With over 3 decades of proven technology and development
  11. Reliable – Steel does not shrink, it is inorganic and will not rot, warp, crack or creep, it will not expand or contract with moisture content
  12. Fire resistant – Fully non combustible system available through FusionX
  13. Sustainable – Steel is one of the most sustainable construction materials available
  14. Risk reduction – Increased scope can de risk for the main contractor, and with fewer operatives needed to install, improved health and safety performance on site
  15. Lightweight – Savings in the ground are very achievable with this method of construction

At Fusion we have a wealth of experience to help you develop your next project using LGSF. Our 5 point digitally enabled collaborative process is designed to help you maximise the benefits of light gauge steel.  Contact one of the team now and see how we may be able to help you.