Having been working in the LGSF arena for over 20 years, we have developed an offsite building system which meets the needs of the industry and modern methods of construction.

FusionX is a bespoke system made up of a combination of fire-tested component parts to create a fully non-combustible wall. FusionX has been approved by the NHBC, is registered under NHBC Accepts and has been accepted for LABC Warranty.

The light gauge steel systems from Fusion are all manufactured from our Northampton facility, where we can provide in house design and engineering teams to help clients determine what system is right for their needs. Our comprehensive collaborative processes from estimating to pre-construction, manufacturing and erection on site ensure we deliver what is required on time and within budget.

Ancillary and optional products

Our offsite solutions include a range of additional products to compliment the project on behalf of our clients. This includes: a choice of cassette or concrete floors, and truss or cassette roof options.

If you believe LGSF is the solution for your next project please contact us and we can start the first process of our collaboration.