A fully tested non combustible solution for all buildings.

FusionX was developed using our extensive industry knowledge and expertise, in response to changes in Building Regulations and can be used for buildings up to 10* storeys. *Certified up to 10 storeys and can form part of a structure up to 14 storeys.

Made up of a combination of fire-tested component parts to create a fully non- combustible wall, FusionX has been approved by the NHBC, is registered under NHBC Accepts and has been accepted for LABC Warranty.


FusionX provides builders and investors with a cost-effective speed of build solution. Quality is assured in our factory where our products are precision manufactured for precise installation, which speeds up the construction and increases the productivity on site. FusionX is durable and offers a dimensionally stable material with a better strength to weight ratio than concrete.

Easy to install on site, FusionX can be manufactured to suit various layout options.

FusionX provides a level of reliability when compared to other construction materials as steel does not shrink, it will not rot, warp, crack or creep, it will not expand or contract with moisture content and is one of the most sustainable construction materials available.

15 reasons why Fusion products offer peace of mind


We’ve invested heavily in the independent testing of FusionX. To date, we have suites of base test data covering standard Fusion components for each protection period of 60, 90 and 120 minutes, and are continually reviewing test data to provide the most cost-effective solutions for our clients.


With a standard build-up* of insulation between the studs and 100mm mineral wool slab outside the frame, a U-value of 0.20W/m2K can be achieved with a masonry outer skin. Lower values can be achieved by altering the specification of build-up. Lightweight cladding performance is subject to project defined build-up.

*Refers to the fire-tested build-up.

Technical details of FusionX

FusionX, light steel frame offsite system solution is tried, tested and approved – technical details are below or can be found in the downloads section

Building height:

  • 10 Storeys of load-bearing frame within a structure up to 14 storeys


  • Studs are 89mm, overall wall is 92mm @ max 600mm centres to form structural panels

Wall Thickness: (0.20W/m2K U-value, masonry wall)

  • 354mm (excl. Plasterboard)

Insulation in stud zone: 

  • Mineral wool A1/A2
  • Minimum density of 20kg/m3
  • Tested solution Isover Steel Frame Infill Batt (20kg/m3)
  • Specified, supplied and fitted by others, on site to manufacturer’s details

Insulation on cavity side:

  • Minimum of 100mm of rock mineral wool
  • Minimum density 45kg/m3
  • Rain-screen type, suitable for use in cavity
    with LGS frame
  • Tested solution 100mm Polterm Max Plus
  • Retained by at least steel washer per slab (see
    manufacturer guidance)
  • Specified, supplied and fitted by others, on site to manufacturer’s details

Wall Ties:

  • Stainless steel channel with sliding ties
  • Channels must be fixed to studs, not sheathing board
  • Screw sheathing sleeves may be required, depending on wall tie manufacturer
  • Specified, supplied and fitted by others, on site to manufacturer’s details

Cladding Support:

  • Typically helping hand brackets or cladding rails directly fixed to studs.
  • Specified, supplied and fitted by others, on site to manufacturer’s details

Cavity Barriers:

  • Must be fitted back to sheathing board
  • Specified, supplied and fitted by others, on site to manufacturer’s details

Fire from Outside:

  • 100mm stone mineral wool plus sheathing board provides >120 minutes
  • Tested solution 100mm Polterm Max Plus, in front of 12mm Y-wall sheathing board

Fire from Inside:

  • Plasterboard to suit Fusion tested/assessed solutions as above.

If you would like to discuss how Fusion products can help you on your next build project please contact us.