• Client

    Truman Design & Build

  • Location


  • Project Size

    Part of a £6.t5m contract

  • Build Time
    9 weeks

The project: A 40,000sqft, four-storey hotel was proposed for a 1.8 acre plot next to the Irish World Heritage Centre in Manchester. It was to provide accommodation for visitors attending business conferences, weddings, festivals and other events. The 135-bed, £6.5m contract was being delivered by Truman Design & Build, with a light steel frame superstructure to be provided by us.

Our brief: Truman asked us to provide the structural steel frame for the ground floor communal and operational areas. Sitting on top of this, we would provide a prefabricated frame for all accommodation areas, finished with a flat roof system using a single ply membrane. A UPVC window system would also be incorporated with aluminium spandrel infills and the finished building would be wrapped with a render and cladding facade.

Challenges faced: Truman had never worked with us before. They had considerable experience with timber frame and had planned to use this method until they learned more about our light steel frame system.

Given this project would be a learning experience for both parties, we took on board each other’s requirements at pre-contract stage and maintained a high level of integration throughout the project.

Our delivery: Originally programmed as a 10–12 week installation, the roof was on Phase A in five weeks, within six weeks we’d completed a show room on the ground floor and by the end of week nine, we’d completed our entire installation.

This speed of build meant follow-on trades could start ahead of programme and by using our system, Truman also benefitted from:

  • Reduced costs due to no requirement for on-site fire protection measures
  • Reduced works on site because of our factory-fitted insulation and wall battens to external cassettes
  • Elimination of site surveys for windows and doors thanks to the millimetre accuracy of our frames.

“This was our first introduction to using light steel frame and I can’t commend the system or Fusion enough. They gave us the benefit of their experience, we worked together on supply chain integration and their structure was complete two weeks ahead of schedule. I hope to work with them again soon.”

Chris MeadsProject Manager, Truman Design & Build