Student Accommodation

Light gauge steel frame is the ideal solution to deliver your new build student project.

Speed of Build

The FusionX system offers programme certainty, with the delivery of a structural framing solution needed to meet the September intake of students, so key to the project. Ideal for buildings up to 10 storeys and made up of a combination of fire-tested component parts to create a fully non-combustible wall, that has been approved by the NHBC and is registered under NHBC Accepts.

Cost & Programme

With cost and programme certainty being a key offer at design freeze, you can be assured your structural framing system will be delivered & installed on time and on budget.

Benefits of LGSF

The ’15 Reasons’ clearly demonstrate why Fusion LGSF will enhance your new build project in so many ways.

Shrinkage/Differential Movement

Fusion’s engineered light gauge steel solution does not suffer from shrinkage or unpredictable differential movement, which affects other forms of construction methods. This reduces remedial costs and, perhaps more importantly, reduces damage to reputation and increases the prospect of repeat business.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss how your next student accommodation project could benefit from LGSF.

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